Drift & Loom

My name is Angela Norton and I’m a 19 year old who decided to create an online business. You may think I’m crazy to start a small business while trying to manage studying, a job, and a social life, but my answer is “why not?” We have our whole life ahead of us and there’s no need to waste our time waiting for the “right timing”. Drift & Loom is a tapestry business I created to help make your space a little bit more like you.

Drift & Loom started as an idea in May. I’ve always wanted to create a small business, but told myself I need to wait till I’m 30. One day, I decided to do something about my dreams and put them into action. So, here I am starting a business at the age of 19 and in the middle of college.

Some battles I’ve faced while pursuing this business was trying to tell myself that I can do this. I don’t need a degree to create something I love doing. I just need to keep remembering that wherever this may lead me, there is a plan in that route.

In the next few years, I hope to see myself expanding my products and being creative with the talents I’ve been given. I hope to also inspire others to go after their dreams. Just know, it’s never too early or too late to do something you love.

For more about Drift & Loom, please visit: www.driftandloom.com

Words & Photos by Angela Norton // Additional photos courtesy of Drift & Loom

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