As a creative community, we invite writers, photographers, filmmakers, and designers to share their gifts and artistically contribute to furthering the Kingdom.

  • The content within our blog is heavily curated, and each submission goes through an intensive selection process, beginning with whether or not the piece reflects both the voice and mission of Artfully Seeking.
  • While we can’t promise to respond to every submission or guarantee publication for each piece, we do look at all submitted works regularly—and we love involving new contributors. If your work is selected, we’ll be sure to connect with you.
  • Typically, we only include original content that hasn’t been published elsewhere, including websites and blogs (with the exception of personal websites and blogs.)
  • Please note that we ask our writers to support all claims and absolutes with Scripture, and we will be looking for verses and references for quotes, facts, etc.
  • Articles will be edited for general grammar and style to suit our blog. If major changes need to be made, it will be emailed back to you with the suggestions.
  • You retain the copyright to your submission, but we reserve the right to publish and promote any work submitted indefinitely on any platform.
  • Please keep in mind that all submissions are on a volunteer basis only. We are unable to compensate for any accepted submissions at this time. If you are selected to contribute, we will credit you at the end of the post.

We are so grateful for your willingness to use your talents for the mission of our blog and the glorification of God. We look forward to reviewing your work and thank you for your support!