A Guide to Instagram Story Takeovers

By Casey Cappa


When it comes to social media, we’re always looking for new ways to stay true to our personal brand and engage with our community. This month, we tried our very first Instagram Story Takeover, and here’s a little bit of what we learned, how to implement a takeover, and why we find them valuable.

The what:
On Instagram, posting stories give a fun, simple outlet for quick updates on your personal life, live videos where you can instantly interact with your followers, and ways to display more of your brand, style, and personality. These stories are not only fun, but they also provide opportunities to grow your brand and engage your followers. One of the best ways to utilize your stories is through Story Takeovers. A Story Takeover happens when you allow someone, other than you, to post their content on your account’s story.

The who:
Instagram Story Takeovers include you, and your Instagram account, as well as the person and/or account that you are featuring. If you are hosting a takeover, you’ve got several options of whom you could feature. Partnering with other influencers and artists, similar accounts that you admire, your friends or family, or allowing others within your own company to takeover your account are excellent resources.

The how:
Story Takeovers are easy to implement, but some details need to be flushed out beforehand. If you are hosting the takeover, you need to decide if you are going to share your password with the person you are featuring or if they will just send you their content, for you to personally post. Another detail to note is that promoting your takeover beforehand is key to its success, so that your followers know to tune in.

The why:
Not only are takeovers beneficial for the host, but also the person being featured. Speaking from a marketing perspective, Story Takeovers are an excellent strategy that provides you with new, creative content and introduces your account to new target demographics, which heightens your exposure. Also, displaying more of your unique personality and the faces behind your brand, or those who partner with your brand, show your followers who you really are, and allows them to grow to trust you as a person, not just you as an artist or company. Building a real community on social media can be difficult, but being vulnerable and being confident in who you are, showing imperfections, and showing your friends and peers makes you more relatable, personable and trust-worthy.

Here is a glimpse of our IG Story Takeover with @sharingcanbefun:



Be you, diversify your content, build a community, and have fun!

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