12 Songs To Inspire You

Written by Joy Payne


Let’s be honest. In order to truly get into the vibe of creating something wonderful, you have to have the right tunes accompanying you. They are the essential background soundtracks that feel your highs and lows and keep you jiving when the creative juices seem to be all dried up. As an artist myself, I know what it’s like to find yourself at a four-way mental block. Sometimes all I need is a good list of new music, to help me worship/jam my way through writer’s block. So, with that, I want to share several songs that have kept me going this summer.

Spice up your creativity with:

1. “For You-FTSE Remix” by Gavin James ft. FTSE
This is your perfect blend of slow and smooth, with that bass drop that makes your soul happy. The Irish singer-songwriter, Gavin James, knew what he was doing when he dropped this remix. Feel time slow down as you listen.

2. “Dreamer” by Kaptan ft. Mokita
Nashville based singer/songwriter Andrew de Torres, aka Kaptan, is known for his unique indie pop sound that draws people in with the acoustics that everyone craves.   His lyrics, “Dream- Dream- dreamer- you gotta take a bit, take a bit deeper”, urge listeners to keep grinding out your dreams even when it seems you can’t go any further.

3. “Ultralife” by Oh Wonder
Known for their wispy, R&B flecked tunes, Oh Wonder’s music is spreading like wildfire. “Ultralife” is about being in an extraordinary state of life that is brought on by being with someone you are completely infatuated with. You ever lived in ultralife?

“Blood running in my veins, I’ve never been here before. And I got love falling like the rain.”

4. “Real Love” by Hillsong Young and Free
Christ’s love for us knows no boundaries; it never lets go or has stipulations. Be encouraged knowing that we get to tap into God’s love every single day. He’s got you and sees your heart and will be with you on your every endeavor.

5. “Heart” by Flor
It’s hard to remain true to your own colors in today’s society. Though it is hard, we have to push through letting our heart’s morals remain. Stand confident and firm in your faith; watch God guide you to heights unknown.

6. “Don’t Kill My Vibe” by Sigrid
Whatever stage of life you are in, you have unique gifts and talents. You see the world in a different way than everyone else. Don’t let others look down on your youth or your season of life. Embrace the life experiences you’ve been blessed with so far and let them inspire your creativity.

7. “Tomorrow Will Come” by CASS
Honestly, it’s hard to keep it together all the time, when you think about all that is spinning 1,000 mph around you every moment. However, knowing that Christ holds your yesterdays, today, and tomorrows, takes the weight off our shoulders.

8. “Not Enough” by Demo Taped
This bittersweet vibe, at its core, sounds like a sad song, but underneath its synthy sounds, Demo Taped wants his listeners to smile and dance to this song.

9. “Touch of Heaven” by Hillsong Worship
Abiding in Jesus’ presence has a way of undoing our anxieties and fears. We need to do this more. May we pursue the lyrics:

“All I want is to live within your love, be undone by who you are, my desire is to know you deeper. Lord I will open up again, throw my fear into the wind, I am desperate for a touch of heaven.”

10. “If I Believe You” by The 1975
This song, by The 1975, reminds the Christ follower that there are so many people out there that are so close to understanding the gospel and are looking for a Savior. We are called to be the light in the darkness; let’s be people on a mission.

11. “Closer (Restless Modern Remix)” by Jay Warren
Okay, this song is just fun! We all have had that person who tends to never be available when we need them most. This song reminds us of that reality, but let’s not focus on the negative; instead, choose to be reminded of the growth that happens when we deal with these types of relationships.

12. “Who You Say I Am”  by Hillsong Worship
Simply put, our identity is not in what others might say about us. Once we decide to have a personal relationship with Jesus, we are bound and defined by who Christ says we are: Chosen, Sanctified, Holy, Righteous, Beautiful, Confident, Gifted.

Listen to all the entries (and two bonus tracks!) on our playlist below:

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